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1946 Established as Yoshida Seiki Limited Partnership. Started manufacturing measurement instruments for railroads and automotives, and vibrometers for vessels.
1950 Reorganized as Yoshida Seiki Co., Ltd.
1960 Invented and started manufacturing Impact Recorder.
1964 Automotive Vibrograph selected as regular inspection at Japan National Railways and started mass production.
Started manufacturing testing machines, mainly shock testing machines.
1968 Adachi factory built. Started manufacturing big testing machines.
1974 Started exporting testing machines and vibrographs to oversea market.
1977 Started manufacturing testing machines and measuring instruments integrated with micro computers.
1983 Rebuilt Adachi factory for mass production of big testing machines.
1988 Built up Vibration Measurement System with communication circuit for Shinkansen.
1989 Invented Vibration Measurement System with analysis software for railway.
Built up automatic control and analysis system for shock testing machines.
1990 Started exporting big shock testing machines and measuring system.
1991 Invented and started mass production of Distribution Environmental Recorder with PC analysis system.
1995 Invented Windows-complaint acceleration measurement system SM-300.
Invented automatic control system for multi channel shock measurement & analysis and shock testing machines.
1996 Invented Train Vibration Analysis System communicating via telephone lines.
1997 50th anniversary.
2000 Invented multi purpose automotive vibrometer of digital acceleration measurement and analysis system.
2001 Became affiliated with Shinyei group.
2005 High Acceleration Programmer HDTS series released.
Shock manager SMH-12 and analysis software SMS-500 released and started mass production.
2006 Invented Drop Tester for Packaged Freight DTS series and started mass production.
2007 Reorganized as Shinyei Technology Co., Ltd. due to reorganization of Electronic business at Shinyei Group.
2010 Invented Distribution Environment Recorder DER and started mass production.
2015 Shinyei Testing Machinery Co.,Ltd. has been founded due to succession of business from Shinyei Technology Co., Ltd.
2019 Shinyei Testing Machinery Co.,Ltd. was merged to SHINYEI TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd.