Measuring Field Data

Fig.3 Field Data Recorder DER-1000

In this phase, we use field data logger (refer Fig.3). This device has 3D accelerometer, temperature & humid sensor within compact design. It records captured acceleration waveforms, like Fig.4 in this device. Those data can be viewed and analyzed on the analysis software installed to PC.

Fig.4 Measured acceleration waveform
Fig.4 Measured acceleration waveform

Aim of Measuring Field Data

The aim of this phase is to make the testing standard of packaged product for drop test and random vibration test. For purpose of measuring, we have to consider the setting of the recorder and analysis in Table4.

Table4 Measuring Condition of Recorder for each purpose
PurposeInstalled positionTriggerData AnalysisFeedback to Test
Shock measuringon Truck BoardTimer trig. modePSDRandom vibration test
Vibration measuringinside Packaging FreightThreshold trig. modeDrop HeightDrop Test

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