3D Shaker | BF-50UT

3D Shaker| BF-50UT
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3D Shaker| BF-50UT

3D Shaker Tester BF-50UT that can generate 3D vibration to simulate a truck board, has simple function and compact size.
Testable weight of sample is up to 50kg.
This model is suitable for vibration also suitable for abration testing of packaging.

With compact drop tester and G-MEN as simple testing series, your distribution problem will be solved.


  • 3D vibration generater
  • Compact size model
  • Fixed amplitude style generater


  • Vibration evaluation for protective packaging
  • Abration test for packaging


Model BF-50UT
Axis 3 direction(X/Y/Z)
Table size 500×600mm with L angle jig
Amplitude range 0.2~2.6mm P-P
Max acceleration 98m/s^2(10G)
Frequency range 10-67Hz
Specimen weight 50kg
Test mode Manual・Random・Sweep・Transport
Power supply AC200~240V,3 phase,50/60Hz,under 2A
Size/Weight 500×600×650mm/80㎏
Usage temp. 0-40℃ non-condensing
Option 3D acceleration recorder

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