Drop/Shock Testing System, Measuring Device for Testing and Railway

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MATERIAL TESTING SYSTEMTesting of cushioning materials

ACST Series

ACST Series - Dynamic Compression Tester for Cushioning Materials

Dynamic Compression Tester for Cushioning Materials ACST-200 ACST can conduct the dynamic compression test to identify the characteristics of cushioning materials. Shock response acceleration and displacement waveform of cushioning material are captured with ease when the compressive plate is dropped using this tester.

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IST Series

IST Series - Drop impact shock tester

The Drop impact tester IST series can carry out impact test via free fall impactor. The Mass of the impactor is changeable by the addition of weights, equipped with a braking system for anti-rebound of the impactor, repeatable test can also be conducted fully automatically with easy operation.

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CT Series

CT Series - Compression Tester for Packaging

Compression Tester for Packaging CT series. Corrugated box encounters static compression hazards during stack storage in a warehouse with long periods of time. To prevent issues such as bucking or collapse of stacked boxes, compression tests have to be performed.

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