Drop/Shock Testing System, Measuring Device for Testing and Railway

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Application of Drop&Shock Testing are summarized in Table below.

Test Field Major Item Minor Item Testing Equipment Standard
Drop Test Packaged Freight Normal Freight DTS-50/80 JIS-Z-0200、Z-0202
Heavey Freight EMH-500/3000 JIS-Z-0200、Z-0202
General Electrical Device Smart phone、Digital Camera DT-202 JIS-C60068-2-31
Tablet PC DT-202TB JIS-C60068-2-31
Laptop PC DT-205 JIS-C60068-2-31
Other Electrical Device DT-202/205 JIS-C60068-2-31
Communication Instrument DT-202/205 JIS-C6950
Audio, video, and similar electronic devices DT-202/205 JIS-C6065
Battery Lithium Battery DT-202/205 JIS-C-8513
Lithium Battery for small device DT-202/205 JIS-C-8714、C6950、C6065
Cushioning Material Expanded PE, PS, etc. ACST-200 JIS-C-0235
Shock Test General Electrical Device TV, Desktop PC ASQ、MDST、SDST JIS-C60068-2-27
Optical Connecting Device ASQ、MDST、SDST、HDST、PST JIS-C61300-2-9
Instrument for Railway Maintenance Parts of Signal ASQ、MDST、SDST、HDST、PST JIS-E3015
Constracted parts for Vechile ASQ、MDST、SDST JIS-E4031
Aerospace Sensitive Device ASQ、MDST、SDST、HDST、PST MIL-STD-810G 516.6
Solder Joint Mounting Board HDST150 JESD22-B111
Battery Lithium Battery ASQ、MDST、SDST JIS-C8513
Fragility Test for Products Electrical Device ASQ JIS-Z0119
Packaging Freight Packaging Freight ASQ、MDST、SDST JIS-Z-0202
Structual Cushion Material Pulp mold cushioning material ASQ、MDST、SDST JIS-Z-0240