Discontinued item list

Please refer our discontinued and substitute items as follows. Contact us if you could not find any items.

Item Discontinued Substitute
Drop Tester DT-50 DTS-50
Drop Tester DT-100(b)/102 DTS-80
Drop Tester DTS-100 DTS-80
Shock Machine DST series MDST series
SDST series
Field Data Recorder DER-SMART DER-1000(High-spec.)
Field Data Recorder DER-mini DER-1000(Normal-spec.)
Field Data Recorder 3DG logger DER-1000(Normal-spec.)
3axis Impact Recorder FIR-302 FIR-106(Japanese Only)
Accleration Measuring Device 3DP/3DPW SM-500
Acceleration Mesuring system SM-400(SMH-8/8B) SM-500
Didital Instrument for Railway Tire TOD-300 TOD-400
Other Tester for helmet Closed

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