Drop/Shock Testing System, Measuring Device for Testing and Railway

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Shinyei Testing Machinery | Manufacturing Factory

Testing System should be required their maintenance regularly to carry out your test with accuracy and safety for a long time.

Shinyei Testing Machinery provides you a maintenance service your testing equipment with best condition.
Since 1964, we have been providing this service, repairing and calibration, without discontinue until now.

And today, we can provide you this service in Tsukuba, Japan.

Shinyei Testing Machinery | Manufacturing Factory

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  •  Fig.2 Manufacturing our machine

    Fig.2 Manufacturing our machine

  •  Fig.3 Maintenance Service

    Fig.3 Maintenance Service

Calibration service

Calibration service

Corrected testing result should be certificated by regularly maintenance of testing and measuring equipment. We have been providing the calibration and repairing service of all our products.....

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