Drop/Shock Testing System, Measuring Device for Testing and Railway

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Acceleration Measurement System

In this section, we would like to explain acceleration measurement system for laboratory measurement.

Acceleration system, Shock Manager, has been constructed with a hardware that can be connected to plural pick-up channels and PC software, which can conduct various analyses. On this device, piezoelectric type, IEPE, and strain gage type are available. Moreover, maximum sampling rate on this device is 1MHz to capture a high frequency shock pulse. Measured acceleration data can be checked on your PC software and also conducts various analyses (SRS analysis, 3D analysis, displacement and filtering).

Fig.3 Shock Manager SM-500

With Shock Test Machine

With drop tester and Shock Test Machine, we will show example as follows. By measuring acceleration on the shock testing, we can see the shock pulse from the drop table by accelerometer and indicate that this shock test is pass or not according to shock testing standard.

With Drop Tester

In the drop test for a packaging freight, cushioning design has been evaluated to protect the inside products. Products have individual shock durability known as critical acceleration. Acceleration measurement system can be used to conform this value in the drop test and verify the protective packaging design quantitatively.

Fig.4 Measuring Device and Testing Equipment