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DROP TOWER DT-205 series

Drop Tester for Mobile Products DT-205, DT-205H


Drop Tester for Mobile Products such as mobile phone, smart phone, tablet, laptop.

DT-205 / DT-205H are drop testers designed for products, containers and packaging materials ,weighing up to 5kg. They can be used for drop testing in a broad variety of in-dustrial products, including electronic devices such as note-book PC and HDDS, medical products, cosmetic and food products.


  • Specialization to light and small specimen
  • High Reproducibility
  • Easy Maintenance for Long Term Usage
  • Easy-to-Use Test Settings
  • Easy-Installation to any Location
  • Simple Setting by Simple Construction


  • Drop test for food, medicine, cosmetics.
  • Drop test for Laptop computers and electrical equipment.
  • Drop test for packaged goods and various samples.

Applied Standard

  • IEC 60068-2-31
  • JIS C 60068-2-31

Analysis system with high-speed camera

Sample configuration of analysis system with high-speed camera

Detail drawing of supporting base.

DT-205 Detail drawing of supporting base.


Model DT-205 DT-205H
Specimen max weight (kg) 5
Drop height range (mm) 500 ~ 1500 (posture holding fall)
250 ~ 1500 (free liberation fall)
500 ~ 2000 (posture holding fall)
250 ~ 2000 (free liberation fall)
Setting of drop height Scale and pointer
Falling motion of support table By electric magnet
Holding / Releasing specimen Air pressure pen cylinder
Size (W × D × H mm) 600 × 700 × 2400 800 × 900 × 3000
Weight (kg) about 180 about 280
Power supply AC100V, single phase, 5A
Supply Air Pressure (MPa) 0.69 or more
Usage environment temperature range (℃) 5 ~ 35 (JIS test location Standard temperature state Class 4)