Wheel Weighing Machines TWL-1/TWL-2

Wheel Weighing Machines TWL-1/TWL-2
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Wheel Weighing Machines TWL-1/TWL-2

Measures wheel loads on the track for any kind cars, dial gauge or digital display type can be selected.


  • Measures wheel loads no the track.
  • Two hydraulic cylinders operated by a manual pump to lift the wheel.
  • Dial gauge or digital display type can be selected.


Model TWL-1 TWL-2
Maximum wheel load (KN) 82 KN
Measuring range of wheel diameter (mm) 760 mm - 860 mm
Maximum hydraulic pressure (MPa) 76 MPa
Measurement graduation (KN) 2 KN 0.1 KN
Indication Dial graduation 3-digits LED
Capacity 15 kg 16 kg
(approx lbs) 33 lbs 35 lbs
Case Size (mm) 720 × 280 × 230
(approx inch) 28 × 11 × 9
Case Capacity 7 kg
(approx lbs) 15 lbs

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