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Pendulum Shock Testing Machine PST-300


Desktop Shock Test Machine with High Acceleration Shock Pulse for Small Electronic Components

Pendulum Shock Testing Machine PST-300 is very simple in construction and can be installed in tight spaces to conduct ideal shock test in any location. It is specialized to test small and light specimens, such as electronic components and medical products, with a wide range of acceleration.


  • Wide Acceleration Range
  • Between 50 ~ 50000m/s2 (5 ~ 5000G)
  • High Reproducibility by pendulum mechanism
  • Full automatic operation up to 9,999 times
  • Easy Maintenance for Long Term Usage
  • Easy-to-Use Test Settings
  • Simple Setting by Simple Construction

Applied Standard

  • MIL-STD-202, 750, 810, 883
  • IEC 60068-2-27


  • For small products, especially electronics & electronic parts, micro-electronics devices, etc.


Model PST-300
Table size (mmφ) 100
Specimen max weight (g) 800
Shock pulse Half-sine
Acceleration range (m/s²) 50 ~ 50000 ( 5 ~ 5000G )
Pulse duration range (ms) 0.2 / 0.5 / 1 / 6 / 11
Brake device Mounted
Control system Single-turn and auto cycle operation
The number of process runs 1 ~ 9999
Set count in auto cycle 4 digits
One cycle in auto cycle Max. 15 sec.
Size (W × D × H mm) 620 × 360 × 675
Capacity (kg) 100
Controller size(mm) W380 × D250 × H220
Power supply AC100V, 1A
Applied Standards IEC 60068-2-27,MIL-STD-202F-80,213B,
MIL-STD-750C-83,2016.2, MIL-STD-883C-83,2002.3,JIS C 60068-2-27


Shock Manager
Generated shock pulses on the table can be measured by SM-500 with high speed sampling. Captured data is displayed on your PC screen immediately.
Acceleration pickup when you need.